About Us

Wood Workers is a furniture brand originating in Egypt. Established in 2015, we have a passion and a mission to revolutionize the furniture industry.

Starting up as an importer and supplier of imported beach wood, we've recently stepped into the process of manufacturing. 

We specialize in creating custom made furniture that fits every home and business' needs. We offer a large variety of products from doors to bathroom cabinets, couches to wardrobes and bedrooms. We are especially experienced in creating your dream kitchens and dressing rooms. 

We are committed to provide our customers with the best experience starting from the consultation and design process, to the manufacturing with the highest quality of materials and latest available technologies and mechanisms all while providing a good value for money. Our team of interior and product designers collaborates closely with our clients to brainstorm ideas, develop concepts and furnish their space in the ideal way within the desired budget.

We have recently launched a new line in our collections: Bits & Pieces. Customers can purchase our ready-made furniture products and accessories. These products range from wooden lights to modern trash cans and tissue boxes to suit everyone’s taste. We aim to lead the market with these modern unique pieces. Get ready to be dazzled!